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“Think Green, Go Clean” Program In Socon Sites
In order to create a clean and beautiful working space, improve mental health as well as contributing to environmental protection, Socon Vietnam launched "Create green, clean and beautiful site movement”.

As we all know, on every side of the construction site is cement, stone, sand, and iron, plus sunshine, wind, noisy so the air is always hot and dry. Workers, engineers working on the site also feel stuffy and uncomfortable, especially when the weather is hot. Creating a green, clean environment for the site has not only improved the work morale of everyone but also enhances the image of the company.

Therefore, the program has received the enthusiastic response of the site management board at all Socon’s on-going sites.

Hoang Duc pharma warehouse is the first site to participate actively and send the image as soon as possible. Not only clean up the work area, working site, they also look after, prune trees and plant more trees to create more green space for the site.

Other projects such as Vinh Hung Aluminum project, D-vela Project, Duong Hong Project... also participate in cleaning the office, the site and planting trees for the site.

In fact, right from the beginning of the project, Socon has issued regulations and requested the site management board to plant trees, arrange materials and site neatly, regularly implement one hour of labor work to tidy up, clean the site to preserve and maintain the image of the clean and beautiful site.
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